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Bd Republicii Nr 9, Eforie Nord
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Cold baths Eforie Nord

Eforie Nord has become famous locally,nationally and internationally as a sanatorium for his cold baths, miraculous properties of sludge and varnish as a magnet attracting Romanian and foreign tourists.
After a long period were flooded because of the increased flow Techirghiol lake and were closed for more than 10 neither, two cold baths were finally restored.
Early rehabilitation was no cold baths 2, the 1 July 2009 being reopened to the public – cu o capacitate de 200 people, are equipped with shower cubicles and lockers. The investment amounted to 2,5 thousand RON.
For summer 2010, to be opened and cold baths No 1.
The works are estimated at 3,7 million and will be completed in mid April, then will be equipped modern premises at.

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